Hey guys, have a look at this. I have already talk with them and they are really nice! LETS HELP THEM!!!
Seems great!!!
This sounds like a very good idea to me. Ive been missing a show were lesbian and gay worlds are joined together, because thats how it happens in real life. And its free web TV!

Are you bored watching TV? Is your small screen missing something? Did The L Word and Queer as Folk not do enough for you?
Then help us do something about it.
Meltingpoint Films is making a new drama series to be aired free and entirely through the web. Set in London, at the point where gay, lesbian and straight meet, this series promises to be the hottest new thing on any screen spring 2008.
Now we want YOUR help to create the series you most want to watch.
By answering this quick questionnaire, you'll be taking the first step in making Never Know your new favourite drama.

As we know you have great ideas, weve also put up a guestbook. Dont be shy. Tell us anything. Wed love to hear from you.
In the meantime we're creating a new website, were you'll find news and event announcements, pictures and character bios, as well as a brand new discussion forum.
So make sure you check back often!